TW: Drug Abuse - Sexual Assault 


I have experienced domestic abuse throughout my lifetime and so many traumatic experiences. I started using drugs at the age of 15, my mum was a drug user and had first introduced her to this lifestyle. I was placed into care and also spent time living with my nan as a child and went back to live with my mum at the age of 12. 

My mum became involved with a man who was 27-years-old when I was 14 who led me to experience things that no child should ever experience. 

He abused me and my sister and forced us to work on the streets for money, promising that he wouldn’t make me carry out sexual acts but never helping me when the moment came. I was drugged by this man with heroin as a teenager and saw such brutality from an early age. Because he was a friend of my mum I felt that there was no way out.  

As an adult this abuse continued and worsened with me only coping mechanism seeming to be self-destruction. Until I found the much-needed support of domestic abuse professionals and the police who I had been so closed off to before.