Sharp Minds is a new established NGO in Athens Greece which although has a big experience in the field of the European programs, especially in Erasmus+. Its experience can be justified because Sharp Minds was a very active Informal Youth Group until it changed legal entity to an NGO/NPO, keeping at the same time the majority of its previous members.

Our aims are the following:

  • Educating and consulting people, especially youngsters about issues that promote culture,folklore, tradition and heritage (folklore dances, traditional handicraft, folklore music, folklore art).
  • Promoting Sports, healthy competition, fair play, team spirit and healthy lifestyle.
  • Long life learning, adult training and education in issues like New technologies, foreign languages, psychological enforcement seminars etc.
  • Promoting research and knowledge of new cultures and mentalities.
  • Social education and approach of people with less opportunities (weaker target groups, women, people with disabilities)
  • Educating and training trainers in order to be Youth Workers.
  • Educating about human rights in order to fight social inequities for social minorities, refugees, immigrants, people of LGBT community etc. Educating in order to reduce stereotypes, and social prejudices.


Our Organization has implemented a Training Course, for 45 people from the countries Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic. The TC took place in Glyfada Athens, the title was Folklore Art. The main idea was the combination of the traditional art by the use of modern means and digital technology. During the TC, under the guidance of our specialized stuff, we have implemented Visual Art workshops using Stencil Graffiti, Fanzine, Cartoons and Digital Technology, producing in this way a beautiful result of traditional art made in modern methods.