Arabisch Deutsches Center für Dialog - WASLA e. V.

WASLA - Arabisch Deutsches Center für Dialog e. V.  المركز العربي الألماني للحوار - وصلة is a non-profit organization based in Berlin, Germany. WASLA seeks to promote dialogue and peace encouraging cooperation between Arab and German civil society organizations.

WASLA means connection, a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else.

It was established by Arab-German youth initiatives, NGOs, youth workers and activists who are working in the field of youth empowerment and sustainable development;

  1. To foster international understanding, non-formal education and youth empowerment.
  2. To promote dialogue between cultures.
  3. To decrease racism within societies.
  4. To spread the culture of tolerance and acceptance of others.

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Dissemination Activities with our local and European partners

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Study Visit during the first learning, teaching and training activity in Sofia, Bulgaria

This is a project based on giving and receiving non-formal methods, strategies, best practices and experience among 6 NGOs, each of them having expertise in different activities: training, media, digital competences, participatory arts, awareness raising campaigns. Sharing experience, learning from each other we will improve and acquire new competences, we will have access to knowledge of the various EU strategies for combating and preventing domestic violence.

Thanks to this project our staff involved in adult education will gain specialized competences to prevent and combat domestic violence. The specialized competences gained during this project by our participants involved in adult education will improve the capacity of our organizations developing a culture of gender equality adding value to our project.