Balkanska Agenciya za Ustoychivo Razvitie

BASD is an NGO in public benefit - a part of network of research organizations, regional agencies, institutions in all Balkans and EU. Activities: Socio-economic and sustainable development; Applying, implementation and management of EU funded projects; Energy efficiency and energy renewable sources; Architecture; Activities related to development of the labor market, preservation of human resources and policies in this area, demographic trends, protecting human rights; lifelong learning, development of education and training; Arts
and Culture; Social inclusion, social economy, social and health services; Regional development, cross-border, transnational, interregional cooperation; Tourism, Rural Development;

BASD have: Experts in training, research, innovations, needs analyses; awareness raising and networking. Member of Bulgarian platform for international development, Anna Lindh Foundation, Global Compact; representative for the Balkans of the Earth Charter.
BASD activities are with focus both on adult and young people - helping social workers to obtain more skills for better personal development, decent jobs and relevant role in society. In the frames of many international initiatives BASD involves adult people in dialogue, communication, team work helping them to build a democratic and human system of values. BASD has done needs analysis regarding the level of violence

In the community – in family and their environment as far as those are priorities of BASD for future work. The survey achieved by our organizations in 50 fmilies has revealed that above 65 % of them suffer from different type of violence: physical, verbal, nonverbal, etc but they agree to talk about it only under the sign of anonymity.
BASD works both with adult and young people on topics of culture of communication with opposite sex and has identified lack of skills for proper communication; tendency to aggressive reactions (70%) according to the NEED ANALYSES done by the organization. In Bulgaria every 4-th woman has reported that has been a victim of violence. But in the rural areas and they also suffer from domestic violence without reporting it – especially families with different ethnic background violence; they consider violence as “natural” in a family.
From the same need analyze resulted that the trainers of BASD need competences (skills, knowledge and attitudes) for everyday work with people who suffer from domestic violence (especially for adult people) . We need exchange of good practices with other EU countries.