My parents showed me that hitting, and hurting is the norm, it's love. And so I felt like I loved him, he was teaching me that. During my pregnancy, he blocked my breath, he beat me. Grabbed me by the hair, dragged me into the bedroom, dumped macaroni on my head, and started beating me. And he looks at you, and he likes it.

Natalia managed to escape from her tyrant husband a year and a half ago, but she admits that she has not yet recovered psychologically. The beautiful young woman is afraid of new relationships with men. And especially worried about her child: in the midst of the family drama, her little son got the neurological disease.

He used to beat me. The child huddled in the corner between the sofas and shouted: Daddy, you can't beat Mummy! And the next day he sent him into a taxi alone. At 2.5, the child arrived, he was screaming terribly, and crying. They examined him, he was diagnosed with symptomatic epilepsy, and severe stress. 

Natalia says: it was not easy to leave, because her husband told her for a long time that no one wanted her, that everyone was bad around. And she started to believe it herself. But here she realized that there are people who care about other people's problems. Now she tries to keep other girls out of the trap. She says the abuser can be identified early in the relationship - because most of them act according to the same script: first, the beautiful courtship, promises, gifts, and then the power and control begin.

Control of money, control of your work, that you don't need it, your relatives: let's not communicate with them, they interfere, they are to blame. And your friends are bad. And he is necessarily good. Blames somebody for all his problems: his ex-girlfriend, his wife, or his mother, from childhood such men already have a hatred for women.

All this is not a bell, it's a chime, a bell! You are a free man, you have the right to go out, to be friends, to work. But for some reason, they start thinking that they don't have these rights.