Réseau des organisations de solidarité international

ROSI stands for network of international solidarity organizations. ROSI France is the main organization situated in the north of Paris, and in a desire to have a local implementation of our projects, we created our branch ROSI France-Essonne in Les Ulis in the South of Paris.

We have international delegations in Morocco, Senegal, Togo, Ivory Coast, Tunisia and Burkina Faso, therefore, our implication, work ethic and values are shared with local volunteers abroad. A new branch has been opened recently in the south-eastern Paris.

ROSI aims to strengthen intercultural cooperation and reinforce social dialogue by bringing young people from all over the world closer. We want young Europeans and young

Africans to connect in order to give them the opportunity to learn about others and grow as a team and as individuals, contributing to build more inclusive societies. An important part of our work is to initiate young people to international solidarity actions and active social participation.

Our local implication is focused on the youth with reduced opportunities: young people from the suburbs, often facing difficulties to be socially integrated because of the multicultural background, stereotypes, discrimination, or financial problems.

ROSI develops its activities at local and international level, and has made Millennium Development Goals presented by United Nations its own purposes, working to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger; Achieve Universal Primary Education; Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women and young people.

In Les Ulis, ROSI has developed a series of projects in several fields; Voluntary work with Volunteers with migrants background and Volunteers from European Solidarity Corps who works with elderly, children and youth with fewer opportunities; in serval projects dedicated to Gender Equality and Non-Gender Violence.