TW: Knives included

Albena is only 22 and is going through her most acute period. She asks not to show her face because she is still terrified of her husband. The girl grew up in an orphanage and has dreamed of having a family all her life. But after getting married and getting pregnant, she realized she was living with a real sadist.

He was nice at first. But he stopped working, stayed home, drank, and drank a lot. He dragged me into the room, sat on top of me, and, started hitting my face with his fists, my head against the wall. I shouted at him: I'm pregnant, have you forgotten... I can't talk (crying). He then apologized, crying that he wouldn't do it again. I thought: where am I going to go pregnant now, there is no one, where am I going to go?

After the baby was born things got even worse. The tyrant husband realized that Alisa had no one to protect her and turned her life into a living hell. The details, recounted by the young mother, make your blood run cold.

Then the knives came, knives were flying around the house, the child was sitting on the floor, and I was so scared: God forbid the knife should bounce back and hit her. He swung a knife at me many times. He pressed it against the wall and stuck the knife in the wall near my face. He liked it or something, I don't know. I was rocking a baby and he'd come over and hit me three times on the head with his fist. Just like that, out of the blue. There was a time when he chased us down the street with a knife. I went from one neighbour to another neighbour... I had all sorts of thoughts: that he should kill me, that he should not torture me, that I should not walk around with bruises and bruises.