I am Zdravka. I want to share my story to possibly get your adequate opinion on the matter. I would be happy even to have some other advice.

It all started from the fact that in February this year I was made redundant at my job, at the same time I moved with my boyfriend to a new apartment (rented). He has been working for quite a long time, as a bartender. I'm 19, he's 21. We had problems with his family and I feel like that's where it all went from there 

upside down. I have been unable to find a job for 3 months now, maybe more. I'm going on interviews, left, right, but nothing. On the other hand, my family is constantly criticizing me, how I'm hardly good for anything since I haven't worked for so long. Mostly my grandmother and aunt say these things to me.

Ours are divorced, my mother recently went abroad with the promise that by mid-July this year my boyfriend and I will go to live with her. My problem is that I can't wait just waiting on him, I fall into some kind of depression, I feel useless. I'm trying to do something with my life because I can see how hard it is for him too, and I want us to be okay, not just financially. We're at that age, and we've already paid off 3 loans, currently paying off a fourth, and bought (albeit on installment) a fridge, stove, TV, and all sorts of household stuff.

We live in a flat and are sort of getting by, but I can't understand why we had no problems while I was working and now I can't get on my feet for so long. I feel pressured, and constantly criticized. My boyfriend is the only one who calms me down and tries to encourage me, everyone else only criticizes and crushes me. I remember my friend's mother had told him that he would be stuck without her, and she never actually helped him, but whatever. Please give me advice, what to do, I'm getting depressed, I'm not myself, I feel worthless, what to do? I want to be able to help him with finances and be happy. I want to work - and work a lot, I've been staying at home for months and getting depressed.