TW: Suicidal Thoughts

"It happened around 6pm. The window was open. The children say - Mum, someone is shouting. I then heard someone shouting 'It hurts! It hurts." I thought teenagers were fighting because the voice was so thin. So I walked away. Walking down the path, I see her sitting upright on the ground, pregnant, short jacket, no hat, nothing. And he's fumbling around and shouting at her: "No way! Go home! Nothing happened!". She says, "It was my husband who kicked me, I'm pregnant, four months pregnant." I said, "Get up, you'll freeze." And it was about zero degrees somewhere. And she says, "I don't want to live, what's the point of all this. Let me freeze to death."

He left, and she just sat there. She said that these beatings were from the beginning (of the relationship). And that he even broke her nose once. She says he calls her names, humiliates her and then sleeps with him. I ask, "Do you want to leave him?". And she says: "I was leaving, but I'm coming back because I depend on him financially and I love him.

Her child later told police that his father threw him to the ground, he fell, smashed his lip, and then he pushed him with his foot. The police finally arrested the man and opened criminal proceedings for injuries to the child. However, the case was soon closed because of the abuser's untimely death.