Together for Gender Equality

Les Ulis, France

The main purpose of this training was joint learning and exchange of knowledge between the participants from all the partner countries on domestic violence. This training targeted an in depth dive into domestic violence, Stockholm syndrome and patriarchal mentality.

The training discussed the Istanbul Convention. This happened in teams and as a group discussion in a round table. This aimed to identify the purpose of the convention, the target group and the implementation.  As well as strategies to combat domestic violence that NGOs can use, supported by the Istanbul convention. Participants showed how the Convention facilitated the response to the problem of domestic violence in each partner project country, in line with national legislation.

The training targeted the topic of the triangle of violence composed by Direct violence, Structural violence and Cultural violence. Participants analysed the components and  tried to find out if the characteristics of the components exist in the countries/area they live. The training also discussed the Iceberg of domestic violence in light of the triangle of violence components and how they would fit within the iceberg in terms of what’s visible and wht’s not. Participants also tried to brainstorm strategies against the factors of domestic violence. 

The training included the topics of Stockholm Syndrome and the Patriarchal Mentality. Using visual methods, open discussions, powerpoints and video presentations, The topics were presented. Followed by a discussion on the characteristics of the Stockholm Syndrome and how to help victims. The participants were also asked to recognize different characteristics of Patriarchal Thinking in their areas/countries.

The training also included two study visits. One of which was to “The AJD Maurice Gounon Foundation”  where the participants learned more from the foundation’s experience in helping and supporting the most vulnerable people in a way that allows them to regain their place in society and build their future. The second was to "FNACAV (Lutte contre les violence conjugales & familiales)" with whose representatives, the participants discussed measures for perpetrators of domestic violence to better protect victims. 

The training is concluded with an evaluation session.