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Raising Awareness Campaign against Domestic Violence

Athens, Greece

The main purpose of this training was joint learning and exchange of knowledge between the participants from all the partner countries on domestic violence. This training was regarding awareness campaigns on domestic violence and social inclusion: the different methods for it and how to promote it.

The training targeted non-formal methods of participatory arts used during different campaigns. Starting with mail art with messages against domestic violence, the participants were introduced to elements and materials to create their own classical mail art ( envelopes, stamps,..). Followed by a session on stencil art using spray paint to advance certain values and express them artistically. 

The participants got to know more about statue theatre performances and how to use their bodies as a visual representation of an idea or a situation. And how to develop competences in participatory arts against domestic violence and to use this form of participative art during a campaign. This was then followed by a session on flash mob and participants shared creative ideas regarding flash mobs against domestic violence combining flash mobs with stencil graffiti, statue theatre, and mail arts.

The training had two round tables. One was to identify the best methods for campaign in order to combat domestic violence, to change attitudes and behaviours. This by identifying the target group of the campaign, then cater the campaign towards them with language and tools as well as channels. The second was a discussion on finding solutions and strong allies to support the campaign and how to implement the campaign and how to apply different forms and methods to get the idea across different channels. 

Using their own usual digital devices, the participants created videos with short massages against domestic violence. They edited their shootings using them as model aids to launch the awareness campaign against domestic violence.

The training also included two study visits. One of which was to “Polykentro Omonoias Athens” which belongs to the General Secretariat of Family Policy and Gender Equality of the Greek Government. For the participants to find out the psychosocial and legal support and services they provide to the abused women victims in cooperation with the Lawyers Association of Athens. The second was to "Smile of the Child" which is specialised in children and mother abuse victims. For the participants to acquire more experience in working with abused people. Both facilities shared their insights with the participants. 

The training is concluded with an evaluation session.