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A Training is a Joint Learning Experience and Exchange of Knowledge

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Participants from different countries learn to deliver..

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Sofia, Bulgaria

The main purpose of this training was joint learning and exchange Knowledge between the participants from all the partner countries on domestic violence, try to be able to recognize forms of domestic violence and to prevent it, capacity to analyse situations of domestic violence, new practice and strategies to prevent and combat domestic violence

It is a 5-day-training that had the main focus of and the theme of learning more about domestic violence and the different aspects and views of it. This shows in the different sessions that everyone participated in. 

The training had an introduction on domestic violence and its forms: Physical, sexual, emotional and so on. Some of the behaviours related to domestic violence were presented as well as the stigma around it. The training tried to offer insights on some of the factors that may increase the risk of being a perpetrator or a victim of a violent act including societal and individual factors. While the participants had the chance to analyse situations and mark the different violent acts and some factors. 

A brief introduction on the main categories of human rights: civil, political, social, and cultural was provided to the participants for them to later on identify the violations of human rights in their countries and engage in a deeper discussion regarding certain cases and try to find solutions to those violations on human rights and women rights. 

The common forms of domestic violence and abuse that can easily pass as caring for others was thoroughly discussed as a crucial topic within the training. Then participants had to engage in a discussion and identify similar forms (control over finances or obsession behaviours, etc..) in several case studies that were handed to them within the exercise. They also came with strategies to try to prevent those acts of domestic violence. 

The training was concluded with the participants creating and developing a storyboard shoot from the topics they viewed as interesting to be later developed into a documentary with the aim to prevent domestic violence. 

The training also included two study visits. One of which was to the “Animus Association” Foundation, the Centre for rehabilitation, counselling and psychotherapy, that promotes healthy communication between people and gender in Bulgarian society. The second was to Centre Nadja to get knowledge in care for women victims of domestic violence. Both facilities shared their good practices and insights with the participants. 

The training is concluded with an evaluation session.