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"She" Project Final Meeting in Tokat, Turkey Newspaper

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Thank you for your hospitality!

Transnational Project Meeting

Tokat, Turkey

The meeting was hosted by “TEKEMD” The Partner organisation from Turkey.

The meeting included 10 participants that consisted of:

  • 2 people per organisation 
  • 4 people from the host organisation. 

The  meeting aimed to:

  • Evaluate the Short-term joint staff training events and the final evaluation of the project.
  • Evaluate the involvement of the women belonging to vulnerable groups, victims of domestic violence and mainstream society in Awareness Raising Campaigns “Stop Domestic Violence “ and their contribution to SHE web T.
  • Evaluate the results of guidance and counselling meetings – to what extent they change attitudes and behaviours and change their lives.
  • Evaluate the involvement of adult people our partners are working with, both belonging to vulnerable groups and mainstream society to “Stop Domestic Violence “ Campaign and SHE web TV.
  • Evaluate the Facebook Project Page and SHE WEB TV

During this meeting, the indicators for the achievement of the project objectives, quantitative indicators and qualitative indicators were highlighted.