Galina was not a victim of physical abuse but found herself in a situation of severe emotional humiliation. Her husband threw her out on the street with two small children, the youngest of whom was only six months old, and when she asked to go back in desperation, she had to share a flat with his new wife.

And he got married. And they lived with my ex-husband in the hall and me and the kids in the nursery. I lived like that for probably four months, it was very difficult, insanely difficult. When you can hear it all through the wall, you know, it's crazy. I realized that I had to either live or destroy myself. To stay living with them - I will not exist.

Galina managed to get away and stand on her own. Then she met a decent man and got married again. It's been several years since then, but the fear still lives somewhere inside.

The main thing for a woman in such a situation is to believe in love and in herself again - and to remember that the world is not limited to four walls, under one roof with a tyrant. That there is another life, a non-violent life, just to cross the threshold.

Don't endure for the sake of children. Children will not understand that. They will, on the contrary, blame you. Children will see that; they can repeat the same fate. It's better to go away, yes it will be difficult, but God does not give us trials that we cannot go through.

You can't go back. I went through such a difficult period, on buckwheat and milk, but I raised two children, I survived, I was able. You can't go back; you can't humiliate yourself! Now I know that for sure.